About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Helen your host. Mother of two, bookkeeper to many and wife to one.

I am a professional negotiator, organiser and multitaskering-er which pretty much encompasses my everyday routine. In the middle of all that, I am also studying a Creative Arts Degree at La Trobe University in Melbourne. My study focus is creative writing and film studies.

When I heard that La Trobe University was offering a unit called, Writer’s in Action through the Bendigo campus, I was thrilled. Not only would it entail five days away from Melbourne, but it also meant that I would have five days of leave from my husband and children.

I sound horribly, I know, but who gets that kind of holiday when you have an eight and six-year-old? Not to mention, five days off from cooking, cleaning and screaming my lungs out – which tends to happen often before and after school hours.

This will also be the first time in ten years on my own. It all sounds like the perfect holiday.

Stay tuned.





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