A day full of goodies

I’m one of those people who are usually organised when it relates to university studies. I research, collate and print anything that will equip me for the coming semester. La Trobe University’s ‘Writers in Action’ unit was no exception. Well . . . I thought I was organised until day one. We all gathered at the Bendigo Town Hall for our morning session. I was overwhelmed with all the information that Sue had delivered in a space of a couple of hours. I don’t know if my inability to comprehend it all was due to the fact that I was sitting in one the most magnificent buildings of its era – or possibly my body was caffeine deficient.

Can you guess where I'm sitting?
Can you guess where I’m sitting?

Each student was given information packs that included the festival program, premium pass, timetables, pamphlets and a lollypop! Everything was in this pack. A lady handing out the packs soon approached me and I half expected her to pull out a set of steaks knives but instead she asked, “Did you get a T-shirt?”

My normal size Tee Vs BWF Tee
My normal size Tee vs BWF Tee

The all-important, Writer’s in Action/Bendigo Writer’s Festival T-shirt that we had to wear to all the festival events. That meant five days in the same T-shirt with no washing facilities. Yuck! Well, I figured that I’ll be in the company of other students and we would all end up smelling the same. Needless to say, questions were raised in the room as I sat quietly trying to envision the possible outfits I could incorporate my ‘Large’ sized T-shirt with. All I could imagine was my huge T-shirt could be pulled off as a dress – maybe with leggings?


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