I’m on a mission

I feel when a word has been over used it loses it’s meaning. For me, Journey is one of those words. Reality television contestants of the many singing shows have exploited this word in recent years – Often enough, it proceeds the word amazing. Which is not say that it’s not used in the right context, but isn’t a journey the start and end to your quest? Admittedly, for the majority of contestants, their journey will end when they get voted out. We won’t here from them again until years down the track when they appear in our gossip mags accompanied with scandalous headlines. Sadly, the winner will always profess (in past tense) the amazing journey they had experienced on the show. But isn’t their singing journey just beginning? At this point, I’m wondering if the record label sponsors are sweating profusely. This brings me to my journey… Yes, I am on a journey! I will be journeying from Melbourne to the picturesque city of Bendigo, and then after five days, I will be journeying back. That’s my journey, start to end. As for the five days I will be staying in Bendigo, I won’t class it as a journey—It will be an adventure!

Someone else's image
Someone else’s image

An adventure that will take me away from my Hubby and two children for five whole days. The last time I spent anywhere near five days alone was before they all came along and I was living on my own – Even then, I had my dog for company. For five days, I will join over sixty budding writing students from La Trobe Universities’ – Writer’s In Action course. Our aim is to attend the Bendigo Writer’s Festival and write, research, interview, film or photograph authors, organizes, etc., and anyone else willing. Can you imagine trying to explain all this to my six and eight year old sons? The eight year old was fine once he knew I would return with gifts. As for the six-year-old, I couldn’t manage to get any other response beyond, “Why are you leaving us for five days?” I needed him to be okay with it, mostly because guilt was not going to spoil my adventure and because I wanted him to be excited for me. I had to turn it into a six-year-old adventure kind of fun way. “I’m going on a special mission,” I whisper. “There’s over sixty other students and together, we will become one. Our mission is to write, discover and conquer the Bendigo Writer’s Festival. If any villains try to stop us…we have to write them down.” He gasped! (At this point, I’ve either got him hooked or he knows I’m talking s**t). I wait a moment to let the tension build. “They call us the Writer’s In Action!” “Awesome, Mum!” Debrief accomplished—Now let the adventure begin.


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